Chinese media calls on Beijing to teach India a ‘bitter lesson’

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Beijing: China must teach India “a bitter lesson” if it “incites” military conflict over the dispute in Donglong region in Sikkim sector, an influential Chinese daily said on Wednesday, adding that the Chinese “look down” on the Indian military, and India will “suffer greater losses than in 1962” in case of a conflict.

In an acerbic editorial, the state-run Global Times on Wednesday did not mince words to criticise India, amid rising bilateral tensions over a military stand-off in Doklam region. Chinese experts and media have not shied away from talking about the prospect of a military conflict.

The editorial, in the Communist Party-run newspaper, called on the Chinese to be united on the issue and asked “professionals” to fight against India. It said the Indian military will be “kicked out” of Doklam unless it withdraws on its own.

“The Chinese public is infuriated by India’s provocation. We believe the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is powerful enough to expel Indian troops out of Chinese territory.” “We call on Chinese society to maintain high-level unity on the issue.

The more unified the Chinese people are, the more sufficient conditions the professionals will have to fight against India and safeguard our interests. This time, we must teach New Delhi a bitter lesson,” the editorial said.

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