Lalu breathing easy after Supreme Court’s order in fodder case

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Patna: The Supreme Court order against Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad Yadav given on Monday may have upset him but it has provided a good deal of relief to Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar who had embraced him before the assembly polls held two years ago after living separately for many years.

He was the target of attack for a reunion with a man (Lalu) who had association with a mafia don who had a link with Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI. His nexus with Mohmmad Shahabuddin was established by a tape which showed him talking to the latter on phone.

The call was made to him from a jail where he was lodged in connection with a recent crime. The tape had gone viral on social media . Though Nitish was not directly involved in this case but he has been linked to it because of his new-found love for Lalu and alliance with his party in the coalition government headed by him.

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