Prez calls for reservation for women in Parliament

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CHENNAI: No society can call itself civilized if it does not honor women, President Pranab Mukherjee said Friday as he emphasized on providing reservation for women in Parliament.

Addressing a function here, Mukherjee said the recognition of women in the country’s growth has not been taken into account while calculating the GDP, which reflects the attitude of discrimination of the society.

“It’s really a dichotomy in our society where we call women as a source of power, embodiment of motherhood. We worship women as deities. Our core civilizational values tell us to respect a woman.

“But unfortunately, we are really disturbed when day-in and day-out we are confronted by news of brutalizing of women.

Sometimes we wonder. Today we are called as civilized society.

Can any society be described as civilized if it doesn’t honour its women?” Mukherjee asked.

“The primary objective of civilizational values is to respect the women but we still have to walk many miles to achieve it,” he said.

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