vijaya shanti Gets Call from Revanth Reddy

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Hyderabad: After being denied prominent position in the Telangana Congress, Ramulamma and former film heroine is seriously contemplating to join TDP. Strong speculations are doing rounds that Vijayashanthi has been contacted some senior TDP leaders including party working President A Revanth Reddy who apparently invited her to join the party.

The film actress and former TRS leader was also given assurance that she will be given good position in the party. Vijayashanthi will be one among top five leaders including Revanth and party President L Ramana in the party if she switched loyalties to Telugu Desam.

The party high command is seriously thinking that Vijayashanthi’s oratory skills will be an advantage to the TDP in exposing KCR government’s failures. As Revanth is already fighting tooth and nail against KCR government, it’s expected that the services of Vijayashanti would help to strengthen the party in Telangana by 2019 elections.

Shanthi said to have good following among Telangana people given that she had founded Talli Telangana party in the past and fought for the separate state in her own way. Her experience, expertise are expected to help TDP that’s ailing in Telangana today. Also, TDP is seriously looking for a strong lady leader in Telangana. In both ways, the purpose would survive if Vijayashanti joins TDP.

On other hand, the Telangana Congress already plunged into crisis with the mass exodus of senior leaders to ruling TRS and the TPCC President N Uttam KUmar Reddy failed to strengthen the party in the last two years.

In these circumstances, Vijayashanthi is serious to quit congress and revive her political career afresh in Telangana. The issue of joining of Vijayashanthi in TDP had already been brought to the notice of party President Chandrababu Naidu. A decision will be taken soon in this regard.

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