MIM leaders saying ‘Wah, Wah’ when they should be sighing ‘Aah’: Shabbir

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Hyderabad: Showing concern over the planned conspiracy to wipe out Urdu from Telangana, leader of opposition in Telangana Legislative Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir said MIM leaders are blindly following the government and are saying ‘Wah Wah’ when they should be sighing ‘Aah’.

Speaking to media persons at CLP office in assembly, Mohammed Ali Shabbir said Urdu was given the status of second language in 9 out of 10 districts of Telangana in united Andhra Pradesh.

TRS government has completed 32 months of its rule but failed to give second language status to Urdu in Khammam district. After the reorganisation of districts in Telangana, the government made amendments in several legislations however no GO was issued for giving Urdu second language status in newly formed districts.

He lamented that Urdu Academy’s domain has been restricted. Urdu computer centres and Urdu libraries are on the verge of closure. Number of Urdu teachers has dropped in government schools.

The government has closed down several Urdu medium schools. Many government offices and railway stations have no Urdu on their sign boards. However MIM party’s which claims itself to be the champion of Muslims is tight-lipped.

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