Niloufer Hospital victims kin knock on SHRC door

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Hyderabad: Families of five women, who lost their lives in the Niloufer Hospital recently, came together and filed a complaint with SHRC and the inquiry officer, stating that there were serious human rights violations in the course of C – section surgeries and subsequent medical management in all the cases and demanded Rs 10 lakh ex-gratia.

Video recordings of the doctors deserting the operation theatre and unhygienic conditions with blood and uterus scattered around, captured by one of the victim’s families were also shown to the inquiry officer.

Helping Hand Foundation, a city-based NGO announced that it has enrolled four infants in their community outreach programme and will provide for the cost of lactation and medical expenses for the next two years.

‘It was important to make a proper assessment and representation of the entire case history to the inquiry officer and the SHRC’ said Mujtaba Hasan Askari, Managing Trustee of Helping Hand Foundation.

Without proper means to seek addressal and wherewithal to engage a lawyer, such cases normally don’t get to present all the required details to the authorities, said Askari.

A detail representation with an hour to hour break down of events that led to the death of all the four young women were documented and filed with the SHRC and the Inquiry officer.

Reena w/o Ramesh the fifth victim was not traceable and attempts to contact them on their phone and address given in the records went in vain according to Mrs. Seetha Devi, Mahila Mandal officer from KPBH area.

It is alleged that the families of the victims were kept in the dark about the deteriorating condition of the patients by the doctors. When they asked, only then, they told them to shift the patients to OGH for further management as ventilators were not available in the said hospital.

In the case of Farah Fatima, the local police was summoned by the treating doctors at about 4 P.M. on February 1, as the doctors feared a backlash from the patient’s family and the family was informed about her serious and deteriorating health after the police arrived.

In the case of Nusrath Begum the patient complained of bleeding immediately after surgery and she was taken for a second procedure for removing the uterus (Hysterectomy) – the family was not given access to the patient nor her condition was reported by the doctors till late in the evening – when she was asked to be taken to OGH for further management. Patient was again declared brought dead from Niloufer.

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