Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections: Mayawati takes voters down the memory lane and reminds of Dadri, Muzaffarnagar and Bulandshahr

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Ghaziabad: Addressing the public for the first time in Ghaziabad district for the assembly elections which starts from Feb 11, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati decided to take the voters down the memory lane and remind them of various incidents or atrocities under the Samajwadi Party (SP) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). In her address she made references to the incidents of Dadri lynching, the Muzaffarnagar riots and the Bulandshahr gangrape case in particular and said that if the people choose any party other than hers, these crimes will continue.

Drawing the attention to the state of law and order in the state of Uttar Pradesh at her rally in Govindpuram area, she said that if the SP comes in power, the law and order situation will worsen and there will be more incidents like that of Dadri, Muzaffarnagar, Bulandshahr and Mathura and said that if the BJP comes in power, either it will implement schemes like note-ban or impose the RSS ideas and do away with the reservations or remove its gains.

These references, and not allegations, by the BSP supremo seems more like desperate attempts to get at least a few votes in the upcoming elections. Throughout the address, all she did was talk about what the governments have failed to do and have been providing hints of what went wrong, instead of focusing on telling the people what she will do. Undoubtedly, showcasing the weakness of the opposing party is one very important technique for any election but Mayawati must understand what she has been saying.

The criticism of the lack of law and order, to some extent are justified, but she kind of went a notch higher when she said that if the BJP comes to power, they will do away with the reservations. That is highly unlikely because of two reasons. Firstly, the BJP rules the country and the reservation system still exist in the Indian set-up and secondly, doing away with the reservation system will mean opening a Pandora’s box for the BJP, which is already under flakes from various sections for its right-wing stand. Moreover, in her address, she fails to provide any counter measure she would take either for the betterment of the law and order of the state or the minorities and the weaker sections which are enjoying the reservation.

She also talked of how in the name of terror, communities in UP are looked at with suspicion. She further added that the performance of the ruling SP government has been very disappointing. She also said that the SP has renamed many schemes earlier introduced by the BSP and has taken credit. She added that the SP, the Congress and the BJP did not fulfill their constitutional duties for their own political interests.

It seems the greater threat that Mayawati has seen is that of losing the Dalit-votes which she generally gets and moreover, the campaign by her lacked creativity to the most. Mayawati can do better than this, may be not.

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