PM Narendra Modi in Ghaziabad attacks Akhilesh govt, urges voters to end vikas ka vanvas

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Ghaziabad: Prime Minister  Modi on Wednesday tore into Akhilesh Yadav government, alleging it was “sheltering” and “nursing” crime and corruption and asserted that this UP election was about ending the 14-year “exile of growth” in the state.

Addressing ‘Parivartan Sankalp Rally’ here on the penultimate day of campaigning for the first phase of polls, Modi said Akhilesh has disappointed those who had high hopes of him and has “destroyed” the state in last five years. He also took a dig at SP-Congress alliance, saying, Samajwadi Party had stepped in a “sinking boat”.

“Is this poll about choosing a new government, or about electing a new CM? This election is about ending 14 years of exile of growth (vikas ka vanvaas) in UP and replacing it with growth and prosperity,” he said alluding to Ramayana.

In his nearly 45-minute address, Modi, who represents Varanasi in Lok Sabha, attacked the Akhilesh-led government on several fronts, including law and order, even as he made promises of “rectifying the wrongs” committed by the state government.

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