Swine Flu in Secunderabad

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Hyderabad: After the death of a 2-year-old girl Arushi due to Swine flu in Rasoolpura slum two days ago, the residents of Secunderabad Cantonment are a worried lot.

Rasoolpura being the largest slum in Secunderabad, the Health Department officials rushed to the area immediately after the news of the death of Arushi was confirmed. A free medical camp was conducted and 450 persons were screened for Swine flu.
Locals said that the Urban Health Post was handed over to a private party under PPP model and as a result the residents are not getting good treatment.
Nayeem, a resident of Rasoolpura said, “Rasoolpura is thickly populated and if the Health Department does not take enough preventive measures and the government takes over Urban Health Post, the people would suffer.
It is now run like a corporate entity.” There are close to 100 hospitals in the cantonment including the Cantonment General Hospital (CGH) and five dispensaries that come under the Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) but none of the hospitals share date with the District Medical and Health Office.
There is no facility or a special ward to treat Swine flu cases at CGH. Amarnath, a resident of Diamond Point said, “Now all go to Gandhi Hospital but the SCB should provide for a special ward at CGH.”
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