‘Place your trust in me’: Arvind Kejriwal appeals to voters of Punjab in Noor Mahal

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Noor Mahal(Punjab):  With just two days left for Punjab elections to begin, Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) chief campaigning here on Wednesday said this time Punjab has an honest alternative instead of the same Congress and Akali-BJP alliance. He also asked the people to chose an honest party this 4th of February, the day of Punjab elections. He further urged people saying, “Place your trust in me”.

Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi chief minister vowed to keep his promised and thanked Punjab for the love AAP received. Kejriwal stated,” I don’t have words to thank you for the love you’ve given me, but I can only say, that I won’t break your trust.”

Earlier, Deputy CM of Delhi Manish Sisodia had stated that Delhi CM will be the CM of Punjab is AAP is elected at the helm, later the reports of quashed by Kejriwal and promised to make a CM who hails from Punjab. The Delhi CM on the anonymous CM face of Punjab today said.” Whoever becomes the CM of Punjab, I will ensure that all promises made are fulfilled.”

He also said everyone knows that AAP is very honest and cannot be bought by any chance. “Also, everyone accepts that ‘we do what we say’,” added AAP convener.

“Punjab has poured a lot of love on me and I don’t think people Punjab have given so much of love to anyone in past 15-20 years,” said Kejriwal.

The Punjab election battle is a contest between three; Shiroma Akali Dal and BJP alliance, Congress and a fresh entry AAP. Delhi CM believes that his party will create a history on the rich agricultural land and also as per him people of Punjab are looking for a change and will vote for an honest AAP. AAP chief has conducted several rallies in the state and has promised to end the drug menace as soon as possible in state.

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