Anti-immigration, anti-Muslim, what next?

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The ban is symbolic of politics, not just in the US but in the rest of the world whereby the electorate is led astray by personality politics. In the West this focuses on immigration issues.

You cannot look at these incidents in isolation, they are part of a larger global phenomenon. What is good for politics may not be what is best for the country. Politicians do what is best for the gallery. Trump is just catering to a large segment of Caucasians who think that banning ‘immigrants’ will keep them safe and their jobs secure.

In the same line of thought, India has far more critics of demonetization now than they did on November 9, last year. Trump has emerged a strong figure, and it is a ridiculous policy, but the state of politics in the world is ridiculous.

It is what voters buy. This is hardly a shocker, the man has been open and candid about it for a while now, and it will only strengthen his base.

Only the next generation of Americans will bear the brunt of it in terms of economy and innovation. A big event has taken place, and Donald Trump has emerged larger than life. It may be bad for America and the world, but not for his career.

For me, as someone who has lived there, America is an idea. The country had inclusivity as its biggest asset, and the re-imagining of this idea leaves a lot at stake.

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