Narendra Modi addresses rally in Jalandhar, plays Hindu-Sikh card to appeal voters in Punjab: Key Highlights

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Jalandhar: Addressing a poll rally in Punjab, Prime Minister Narendra Modi glorified the Hindu-Sikh unity in the panthic state. Making a strong pitch to the state electorate from Jalandhar, Modi said, “Some people want to destabilise Punjab. They cannot digest the Hindu-Sikh unity in the state. Such forces need to be taught a lesson. People of Punjab would not forgive them.”

Modi credited Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal for safeguarding the communal harmony in Punjab. “The utmost priority of Badal sahab was to keep the Hindu-Sikh unity intact. During the unfortunate days when Hindu-Sikh relations deteriorated, there were politicians who aimed to gain the maximum from the divide. But Badal sahab put his life on the line to keep our unity intact.”

“Congress had played the same game in 2012 as well. This Congress party attempted to defame him in the last elections. They doubted the wisdom of the people of Punjab. But on the day of results, people of Punjab stumped them. Badal sahab was once again elected as the chief minister,” Modi said.

“Punjab earlier had a pattern of electing new governments at every five years. But that pattern was interrupted in 2012. Badal sahab won the elections with complete mandate. People of Punjab would once again defy the pollsters. Badal sahab would be given a third consecutive term,” he added.

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