Massive asteroid to ‘hit earth’ next month?

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NASA has predicted that an enormous asteroid will pass by Earth next week, others are speculating it might be rather more dangerous.

NASA has stated that although the asteroid will enter our orbit, it will not come into contact with the planet.

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But some conspiracy theorists claim that the asteroid will come into contact with earth, causing not only a series of tsunamis, but boiling the seas in the process too, the Damir Zakharovich, a Russian conspiracy theorist, says that the asteroid will hit the planet on 16 February.

Someones Bones ‘Zakharovich claimed “NASA is lying through its teeth.”

“It is not conceivable that they do not know the truth. We have seen the data! The object they call WF9 left the Nibiru system in October when Nibiru began spinning counter clockwise around the sun.

“Since then, NASA has known it will hit Earth. But they are only telling people now. And telling lies. That they call it 2016 WF9 proves they are lying.

“If they just discovered it yesterday, it would have a 2017 prefix.”

NASA released a statement on their website at the end of last year clarifying that they do not believe the 2016 WF9 asteroid is of any threat to Earth.

“2016 WF9 will approach Earth’s orbit of 25 February 2017. At a distance of nearly 32 million miles (51 million kilometres) from Earth, this pass will not bring it particularly close.

“The trajectory of 2016 WF9 is well understood, and the object is not a threat to Earth for the foreseeable future.”

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