At Gujarat Sadhvi’s Home, 24 Gold Bars, Over A Crore In 2000-Rupee Notes

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Gujrat : A woman religious preacher or sadhvi in northern Gujarat has been arrested for an unpaid bill of 5 crores for gold biscuits that she bought in November.

Sadhvi Jai Shree Giri as she is known, heads the trust that runs a temple in Banaskantha district, and was arrested yesterday.

A local jeweller complained earlier this week to the police that she had ignored several reminders to pay him the five crores he was owed.

The police searched the 45-year-old’s home yesterday and discovered 24 gold bars worth about 80 lakhs – and 1.29 crores in cash, almost entirely in the new 2000-rupee notes. Alcohol bottles were also found. Gujarat is a dry state.

“We have lodged a case against three persons. So far, we have arrested the main accused which is the Sadhvi,” said police Neeraj Badgujar.

In December, the preacher incited a controversy when she was filmed throwing 2000-rupee bills worth one crore at singers at a public event. At the time, cash was hard to find because of the abrupt demonetisation drive launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 8.

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