London weather: Temperatures plunge to -7C as forecasters warn of freezing fog

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Temperatures plunged to -7C in parts of London overnight as forecasters warned freezing fog was set to hit the capital.

Clear skies in the south led to a chilly start to Sunday with the cold snap forecast to continue into the week ahead.

The coldest part of the city overnight was Northolt which recorded -7.4C with temperatures expected to reach little above zero during the day.

The Met Office said a blanket of freezing fog forecast for Monday and Tuesday morning could create potentially hazardous driving conditions and delays at airports.

Met Office meteorologist Steven Keates told the Standard: “Temperatures will fall sharply as soon as the sun starts to set on Sunday evening, dropping to as low as -6C with the added complication of fog during the second half of the night and into tomorrow morning’s rush hour.

“Freezing fog patches could make motorway journeys quite tricky and cause an impact at the airports.

“Monday will remain frosty but rather more grey and overcast.

“The fog should it remain will take quite a while to clear.

“On Tuesday, we’re expecting another frosty start with temperatures not getting much higher than 4C or 5C.

“There will be another risk of fog which could be more extensive.

“It will either become thicker if it has failed to clear on Monday night or we will see it reappearing.”

The Met Office said conditions were expected to remain cold but dry throughout the course of the week.

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