Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif brings up Kashmir issue in meeting with UN Chief, gets no positive response

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Nawaz Sharif the Pakistan Prime Minister on Thursday in his first meeting with the new UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres bought up the Kashmir issue but got no positive response in return from the UN Chief to his request for the world body’s intervention in the issue.

Sharif, who met Guterres on the sidelines of World Economic Forum at Davos, said that Kashmir required consideration of the UN, the Prime Minister’s Office said here in an announcement.

“A supported discourse prepare on every single remarkable issue, including Jammu and Kashmir is basic to gain ground. It was in this soul that we welcomed India for discourses on the determination of the Kashmir question, as per the pertinent resolutions of the UN Security Council and goals of the Kashmiri individuals,” Sharif said to the UN Chief.

The Pakistani Chief asserted that India did not react decidedly to his nation’s “welcome” for exchange and embraced a “no-talks pose, vitiating the environment through flammable statements….”

As indicated by the announcement, Sharif likewise raised the issue of Indus Water Treaty with the UN Secretary General.

“We anticipate your initiative and great workplaces.. the United Nations has longstanding obligation to assume a part in the determination of these issues,” Sharif said.

Guterres gave no positive reaction to Sharif’s request. He told Sharif that he was ‘completely aware of the affectability of the issues amongst India and Pakistan which has security outcomes for the district’.

He commended Pakistan’s commitment for the United Nations and Peace-keeping operations and also facilitating a huge number of Afghan evacuees, the PMO said.

Sharif said his administration’s first need was to manufacture a quiet neighborhood.

“We are focused on enduring peace and security in our district and a domain helpful for monetary collaboration; which is in light of a legitimate concern for every one of the general population of South Asia,” he said.

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