Natural remedies for allergy relief: These home remedies will give you relief from seasonal allergies

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With changing season, people suffer from allergies. These allergies are usually triggered by pollen grains in the air or dust or the smog. Red eyes, runny nose, sniffling and sneezing tires you out and interfere in your daily life.

The medicines for seasonal allergies are also pretty expensive. However, there are several home remedies you can try to get relief from the seasonal allergies.

These natural remedies may not have an immediate effect as the medicines but gradually these remedies will reduce the allergies and its symptoms. Here is a list of some of the most effective home remedies for allergies.

Neti is an ancient yogic system of cleansing. It is used to clear the nasal passageways. You will need a neti pot to try this technique. Fill the neti pot with sterile saline solution and pour it through one nostril and let it flow out of the other nostril.

This will require a little practice but it is worth all the effort. This technique does not have any side effects and is in fact recommended by many doctors. Doing neti will ease the irritation and wash away the allergen. Do this technique twice a day for about 5 weeks and it you will experience less nasal congestion.

Oranges, sweet lime and all the citrus fruits are your best friends this season. Filled with fresh juice, citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which offers relief from allergies. Vitamin C boosts the immune system.

You can also drink fresh fruit juices. Make your own citrus juice by squeezing out juice from orange and lemon. Now add in some honey to make it sweet and delicious. Drink it daily to keep allergy at bay.

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