Mamata defends scam-tainted Tapas Pal, claims Modi ‘insulted’ backward classes by naming app BHIM

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Hitting out at CBI for arresting TMC MP and actor Tapas Pal in connection with a chit fund case, Mamata Banerjee linked his arrest to the note ban protest. She was quoted saying : “PM promised to bring back black money but couldn’t do so; PM destroyed economy & endangered the country’s external & internal security. I hope the restrictions on cash withdrawal will be withdrawn; Will normalcy of life be restored now?”

Linking the demonetization protest to Pal’s arrest, she added: “TMC is protesting against note ban that doesn’t mean we have to be arrested by CBI. TMC protesting against note ban that doesn’t mean they’ve to be arrested by CBI. Anyone can become ambassador for any state. Even Amitabh ji is promoting a state. Many film stars and cricketers promoted Sahara; Was Centre sleeping?”

She added: “BJP is connected to Pearl group chit fund scam worth Rs 50,000 crore.” Continuing her tirade, she said: “Modi Babu, arrest all my MPs and MLAs if you want; You don’t need to summon us., we are ready; But we cannot be deterred. A lottery app has been named after Ambedkar by Centre; This is crude mentality and insult to backward classes.”

Pal was arrested earlier after questioning. “We have arrested Tapas Pal for his alleged involvement in the Rose Valley Chit Fund scam. We had placed a few questions before him and he could not give any proper reply over the amount of money he had taken and on what basis,” a senior CBI official told.

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