Rajasthan: Additional SP Ashish Prabhakar shoots woman, commits suicide in car

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Jaipur: In a shocking incident of murder-suicide in the state capital, a Rajasthan Police Services officer shot dead a 36-year-old woman before killing himself with the revolver. The deceased officer was later identified as Ashish Prabhakar, working as additional SP with the anti-terrorism squad (ATS). The 42-year-old officer reportedly entered into a confrontation with the woman in a SUV car and subsequently shot her dead. The victim has been identified as a 36-year-old woman.

The crime occurred in Jagatpura region of Jaipur city. The SUV, in which both of them were found dead, was parked near the construction site of Bombay Hospital. The incident was first reported at 8:45 PM on Thursday. The area was cordoned off by Jaipur city commissioner Sanjay Agarwal. A team of Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) conducted the preliminary investigation from the crime site.

Prabhakar had reportedly dialled the police control room minutes before committing suicide. He had claimed to have found a ‘dead woman’. However, he subsequently triggered the gun in his own head.

Preliminary probe reveals that Prabhakar entered into a confrontation with the woman, and subsequently ended up shooting her dead. The woman has not yet been identified. In a confused state of mind, he had first called up the police control room about a body and later committed suicide,” a senior police officer was quoted.

Prabhakar enjoyed a reputation within the police service circles for his hard-working, pragmatic and goal-oriented manner of performance. He was instrumental in the arrest of ISIS sympathiser Mohammed Sirajuddin in December. The latter was booked under unlawful prevention activities act by NIA in July this year.

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