Hijacked Libyan plane lands in Malta

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The two hijackers – said to be Gadaffi supporters – took over the plane in while it was in mid-air during a flight within Libya. It was redirected and landed in Malta.

Joseph Muscat posted on Twitter: “Informed of potential hijack situation of a #Libya internal flight diverted to #Malta. Security and emergency operations standing by.”

The Airbus A320 was flying inside Libya for state-owned airline Afriqiyah Airways when the hijacking occurred.

The two hijackers have said they are willing to let passengers – but not crew – go free if their demands are met.

However, their specifics of their demands are not yet known, The Times of Malta reported.

The local airport authority said all emergency teams had been dispatched to the site of what it called an “unlawful interference” on the airport tarmac.

The tiny island of Malta is located in the Mediterranean 300 miles north of Libya.

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