After 312,000 deaths, 4.8m refugees, Aleppo returns to regime

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BEIRUT: The Syrian city of Aleppo returned to regime control Thursday after the last remaining opposition fighters and civilians evacuated, ending a four-year opposition hold over parts of the country.

It came as the conflict has killed more than 312,000 people, uprooted over half the population and left much of the country in ruins since it erupted almost six years ago.

The announcement of Aleppo’s fall was made through an army statement broadcast on Syrian regime’s TV shortly after the last four buses carrying fighters left through the Ramousse crossing.
Western Aleppo erupted in celebratory gunfire seen on Syrian TV.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has recorded the deaths of 312,001 people since the conflict began with anti-regime protests in March 2011. Those killed included 90,000 civilians, of which 16,000 were children, the Britain-based monitor said.

In a country with a population of some 23 million before the war, the UN estimates around 6.6 million people have been internally displaced by the fighting.

One million Syrians are besieged by the warring parties, according to UN aid chief Stephen O’Brien. In November, he said there had been a steep increase in what he called this “deliberate tactic of cruelty,” in particular by the Syrian regime.

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