Harish Rao attack Congress on farm issues

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Hyderabad: Harish Rao attack Congress on farm issues Hitting back at the Congress’ allegations that the TRS government ditched farmers on various issues, Minister for Irrigation and Marketing T Harish Rao on Wednesday said that the TRS Government has allocated massive funds to the agriculture sector.

Speaking in the Assembly on farmers’ issue, the minister said that the TRS Government has turned agriculture sector a lucrative avenue by introducing numerous pro-farmers initiatives.

He said that the previous government had termed agriculture a non-profitable occupation and had neglected. However, he said that the TRS Government had provided farmers free power, supplied seeds and enhanced warehouses and godowns capacities in the state.

The Minister said that in the previous governments, members use to bring dried crops as protest in the Assembly and added that the TRS government was committed to empower the farmers and was working in that direction.

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