How 2016 will decide the 2017 battle for Uttar Pradesh

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Considered as semi-finals to the super finale of the 2019 General Elections, the Uttar Pradesh Assembly races in 2017 will be battled under the shadow of 2016. The leaving year tossed behind a few issues that will choose the result in 2017. Here are the ones that will matter the most:


The Narendra Modi government’s choice to scrap high money notes will drastically affect the 2017 UP surveys . Will UP have a cleaner race this time? We don’t know so far however many competitors as of now dread they would lose the ticket as they won’t have the capacity to finance their battles.

Surgical Strike

Despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to forgo mid-section pounding over armed force’s surgical strike against Pakistan, there are sufficient signs that the BJP will do everything to press out all the advantage it can from the issue. It got this passionate board in the nick of time as studies have indicated Mayawati-drove BSP ahead of the pack.

Samajwadi Party Feud

The war in the Samajwadi Parivar left no champs, neither Akhilesh Yadav nor Mulayam Yadav, however, there will absolutely be a failure—the gathering. It was not just about the generational hole. Mulayam and Shivpal were uneasy with Akhilesh getting well known with a generally clean picture and a current viewpoint.

Kairana Migration

BJP MLA and Muzaffarnagar riots-charged Hukum Singh had guaranteed that 346 Hindu families needed to move from the Muslim-overwhelmed Kairana because of dangers. The issue stood out as truly newsworthy for an impressive time. BJP boss Amit Shah called it a disappointment of the Akhilesh government.

Triple Talaq and Uniform Civil Code

At the point when the Law Commission welcomed general supposition on the Uniform Civil Code and triple talaq, the pending races in the state got a novel measurement. All India Muslim Personal Law Board and in addition a few other group pioneers have savagely contradicted any move to cancel individual laws.

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