‘Chai wala’ before election have become ‘Paytm wala’; Mamta Banerjee

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Kolkata: West Bengal Chief, Mamata Banerjee during her rally in West Bengal, described government as ‘deaf and mute”. On her speech on Monday she described PM Modi as ‘chai wala’ before election have become ‘paytm wala’.

Mamta says government has no right to direct citizen where they should collate their cash and which online brand they should use. Everybody facing inconvenience and still, government is dragging the subject according to their will.

Mamta Banerjee also commented on Modi’s statement “hum to fakir hi  jhola uthake chale jayenge”. She said “not Modi but it is the people who have become ‘fakir’.”

On Saturday, new policy came into existence which exempts political parties from paying tax. if, they deposit the amount in their party account as a contribution.

Banerjee said, that government is trying to create division between common people and politicians.

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