‘Mayawati’ asked ‘PM Modi’ to deposit collected ‘black money’ in the accounts of poor

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New Delhi: Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati affirmed her view on demonetization today, she claimed that farmers are the victim of the demonetization. Whatever will be the result of demonetization, PM Modi will be responsible for it.

She said, that Prime Minister should deposit the recovered money into farmer’s account because, poor and farmer are the one facing worst impact of demonetization. Farmers have no money to buy seeds and other essential chemicals to do farming. Most of them are facing chronic hunger due to it.

“Farmers and the laborers are the worst affected due to government’s decision of demonetization. The laborers are forced to return to their native places in the absence of any work an farmer are unable to sow their crops in the absence of money,” BSP supremo, Mayawati said.

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