KCR grants Rs 3 crore to each district collector

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Hyderabad:  Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has come up with a new initiative for his new district collectors. He has granted Rs 3 crore to each collector for emergency use and wants them to bring in rapid development in all the 31 districts carved out since the formation of Telangana.

The Chief Minister assured that there is no constraint on the availability of funds and the amount granted to each collector would be placed for utilisation during emergency situations.

Addressing the first collectors’ conference since reorganisation of districts at Pragathi Bhavan on Wednesday, KCR asked them to be proactive in order to ensure that people can attain the benefits of reorganisation of districts.

Stressing on the need to make the districts better, he said that the new districts were carved to decentralise administration and added that the discrepancies must be rectified immediately.

The Chief Minister said that Telangana has spent Rs 30,000 crore in the implementation of welfare schemes and has emerged on top. He also said that Telangana’s industrial policy has garnered tremendous response and stated that 2,500 industries now operate in the new state.

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