Fog, cyclone cause 22 flight delays over two days

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Pune: Around 22 flights between Pune and Delhi were delayed due to the dense fog in the capital in last couple of days.

On Thursday, the flights got late by 19 minutes to six hours because of the heavy fog. It also disturbed the schedule of the incoming flights. Delhi-Pune flights faced delays by 17 minutes to over an hour.

On December 12, at least 10 flights between Pune and Chennai were cancelled due to the rough weather. On the other hand, seven flights got delayed on December 13.

Nearly Two Delhi-bound flights from Pune were delayed by nearly 29 minutes on December 14.

Due to cyclone Vardah, Four flights got cancelled on December 12 while six flights from Pune to Chennai were cancelled on the same day.

Sources at Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) said, “Only 31 hours of dense fog has been recorded till December 11. December 2014 had 76 hours of dense fog, which has been the highest since the year 2000. The second highest is 63 hours of fog recorded in December 2003.”

“The onset of dense fog season at Delhi, with visibility less than 200 meters and duration more than two-hours at the IGIA for each winter of the years 2000 to 2016, fog in 2016 started with the earliest spell — right from December 1, which we have never seen before in the last 16 years,” it added.

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