Raje addressed list of achievements of her government:Reports

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Chief minister Vasundhara Raje on Tuesday launched a three week campaign to celebrate the completion of three years of her governance, by addressing a public meeting in Bikaner.Drawing a list of achievements of her government, Raje said that its performance was far better than the former Congress government.

“In three years of governance, we have achieved what the Congress government could not in five years of its tenure. It is our decisions that saw Rajasthan leading the way to reforms and coming out of the BIMARU tag,” said Raje, addressing the crowd.Talking about the work done and projects undertaken by her government, Raje claimed that they had provided eleven lakh jobs already.

“Of the 15 lakh jobs promised in the manifesto, we have already provided 11 lakh jobs – one lakh government jobs and 10 lakh in the private sector.

The dreams of youths would be fulfilled over the next two years,” she said. Dedicating 13 ITIs on Tuesday, she said the total number of ITIs in the state sand second highest in the country at 1,870.She claimed that the government was presenting its report card in the form of exhibitions which would be organised at district levels,Raje said.

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