How RBI itself was involved in Printing Fake Currency During UPA

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The CBI raided the vault of the RBI of India and found a huge cache of counterfeit Indian currency lying in the denomination of 500 and 1000.

This was conducted when the CBI raided some 70-odd branches of various banks on the India- Nepal border from where counterfeit currency racket was unearthed. The officials of these branches told the CBI that they had got these notes from the RBI. But the government of the day has decided to shroud this matter both from the Parliament and the people of India.

We have decided to publish this story after five months of in depth investigation and this is the saga of counterfeit currency racket being run in the country with the RBI as the medium.

After rigorous investigation it has come to light that the same company which has been been printing currency notes of Indian state has also been churning counterfeit currency of the denominations of 500 and 1000 . Experts are of the opinion that Indian currency notes are printed in such a way which cannot be faked easily and that Pakistan does not have the technology to support such counterfeiting.

This means that currency notes of ISI and RBI have the same source. This can mean only two things, that either some officials of RBI are complicit in this conspiracy or that our entire economy has been hijacked by international mafia.

Now the question is who prints the notes?.

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