Pakistani wife of Indian Muslim denied entry in Kutch

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Ahmedabad: Due to ongoing tension with Pakistan, Indian authorities denied entry to a Pakistani wife of Indian Muslim in Gujarat’s Kutch district. Indian authorities granted visa to the Pakistani wife and her family on condition that they would choose any place but Kutch to stay.

When the Pakistani family tried to rent a house in Morbi, nobody was ready as they had come from Pakistan. At the end, the Pakistani family stayed at a hotel in Morbi.

Altab Paleja, who has his house in Bhuj, in Gujarat’s Kutch district, is married to Pakistan national Sidra. Eight months ago, when Sidra along with her family visited India, they were clearly told that they would not visit border district of Kutch.

Following the orders, Sidra and her family decided to stay in Morbi district, but nobody was willing to rent a house to the Karachi-based family because they had come from Pakistan. Eventually, they stayed at a hotel.

“Finally, we had to stay at a hotel. It was difficult because my family from Bhuj also decided to stay with my in-laws,” Altaf Paleja was quoted as saying by Times of India. “This is really strange… The authorities have no reason to deny my wife entry into Kutch,” Paleja added.

Altaf Paleja has now initiated the procedure to invite his wife and in-laws again, along with a special guest he hasn’t met before their six month-old son Muhammad Azaan. Eight months after, things have not changed.

Indian government has made it clear that they will get visa only if they agree to stay away from Kutch district. BJP MP from Kutch Vinod Chavda has also written to the Indian high commissioner’s office, urging permission for Pakistani nationals to live in Bhuj town.



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