Demonetisation: Modi waging war against poor, says Rahul Gandhi

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Dadri (UP): Stepping up attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on demonetisation, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday accused him of waging a war against the poor of the country through his announcement on the night of November 8.

Addressing a gathering at a wholesale market here, he said, “The Prime Minister has brought honest people on the streets while the rich and the corrupt are taking money through the backdoor of banks. The Gandhi scion said demonetisation was done to waive off loans to big industrialists.

“It was done to ensure that the poor deposit their money in the banks, which will be used to repay the debt of around Rs 8 lakh crore owed by these industrialists to the banks. Modiji’s wants the money of the poor to remain in the banks for the next six to eight months,” he said.

“The poor and honest queuing up outside banks and ATMs” continued to suffer he said, adding “you will not find a single rich or black money hoarder there”, as they were completely unaffected by the exercise.

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