Demonetisation is biggest scam of the year, has broken back of poor: Chidambaram

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New Delhi, December 13: The former Finance Minister, P Chidambaram on Tuesday targeted the union government over demonetisation, calling it the biggest scam of the year and demanded probe.

Addressing a media event held in Nagpur, Chidambaram said, “It has broken the back of poor people, a case of khoda pahad nikli chuhiya” adding that, “not even a national calamity would have caused so much suffering.”

“This is an absurd, thoughtless move, and no one in the world has a good word for it. Every major newspaper and economist has condemned it,” Chidambaram said. He further added that the government should have at least got in touch with the economists before taking a decision.

“Government should have consulted at least Yashwant Sinha, he is their own man. They could have consulted Mr Manmohan Singh. There are over a 100 officers involved in budget making, till today its never leaked. What secrecy is this?” he questioned.

Chidambaram questioned how demonetisation has benefitted the people of the country. “Has this stopped corruption, black money? The objective is not being served by this. Only poor people are being punished,” Chidambaram said.

“It is no longer about black money… now they have found a new one called cashless economy,” Chidambaram said. He further mentioned that assuming India will got 3 per cent to 100 per cent cashless in the next few months is an outlandish expectation. “It is like motherhood and apple pie. No one speaks against them, similarly no one will speak against cashless society,” he said.

“What calculations did the government do to say that one can withdraw Rs 24,000 when banks don’t have enough cash to dispense? 45 crore people have been affected due to this, who will compensate them?” he further questioned.

He further defended the demand of Opposition in the Parliament questioning why Prime Minister should not be present in the House during the debate on demonetisation. “How is it an unreasonable demand? Why shouldn’t the PM be present in the House when we are discussing demonetisation? He should listen to us,” he asked.

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