Soon, Mangaluru might have cashless auto rides

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Mangaluru: The Autorickshaw Drivers’ Union in Mangaluru plans on going cashless in the coming days; however, they need to upgrade themselves with respect to technology as well as they require permission from concerned authorities.

Addressing the media in the coastal city, Ashok Shetty, leader of the union said that GPS would have to be installed and permission was required for the move. He added that the GPS would provide security not only to the passengers but to the drivers’ as well. Moreover, displaying advertisements could help the drivers’ earn an additional income of about Rs 1,500 a month.

He informed that the move to go cashless could be fulfilled only once the GPS was installed. Further, to begin the cashless service, a minimum of 500 autos had to be fitted with GPS in the district. He said that at present only 200 autos in the district had GPS installed.

To meet financial requirements, the Kudla Souharda Sahakari has implemented several schemes which will help in meeting the technological demands. Training will be provided and a call centre will be set up to help customers, he said.

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