Govt will try to incorporate Opposition’s suggestions on demonetisation, assures Rajnath Singh

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New Delhi: Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday assured in Lok Sabha that the Centre will try its best to incorporate the suggestions by Opposition on demonetisation. He also thanked the Opposition for not doubting government’s motive behind the demonetisation move.

“Assure that will try our best to incorporate suggestions by Opposition with regard to implementation of Demonetisation,” Rajnath Singh said.
“I thank the opposition that they never doubted government’s motive behind Demonetisation,” he added.

Uproar was witnessed in Lok Sabha when Rajnath said, “Demonetisation is in national interest.”

“I urge the opposition to kindly start the discussion as the ruling govt is fully prepared for it,” Rajnath said in Lok Sabha.


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