Rajiv Sharma is chief adviser to Telangana govt

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Hyderabad: It was a rare honour for both the outgoing and new Chief Secretary of the state, with the Chief Minister and his entire Cabinet, IAS officers and Secretariat staff turning up to welcome K. Pradeep Chandra and bid a grand farewell to Rajiv Sharma, the state’s first CS, who retired on Wednesday.

However, Mr Sharma’s association with the TS government is far from over; Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao announced that he would be appointed Chief Adviser to state government.

 “I asked officials to set up the official chamber for Rajiv Sharma near the CMO so that I can meet him personally any time to seek his advice and guidance on important issues. I also request all ministers and officials to treat him on par with the CS and consult him on all important matters. Rajiv Sharma has vast administrative experience and has deep understanding of issues concerning Telangana. We should utilise his experience for the benefit of the state,” Mr Rao said.

The CM added: “Earlier, you were only a bureaucrat; now you are a political bureaucrat. An official bureaucrat has certain limitations but as a political bureaucrat, you are a free bird and can take as many initiatives as you can and advise the government.”

Recollecting the valuable services rendered by Mr Sharma, Mr Rao said, “He played a key role in resolution of contentious bifurcation-related issues with AP. Without him, it would not have been tough for me to run the government of a new state with meagre resources post bifurcation,” the CM said.

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