Drug ring busted, 2 Nigerians held in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad: The police busted a cocaine racket in the city and arrested five people including two Nigerians and a BTech student. The cops recovered 23 grams of cocaine from the suspects after raiding their houses on Wednesday.

The Nigerians, Bernard Wilson and his friend God Power Nne Mbubu were trying to sell cocaine to BTech student Idres Kaleem and two of his friends near the Golf Course Road in Golconda when the police arrested them.

 Police said two months back Kaleem’s friends Khaleel Nadeem Mir and Rukunuddin Ahmed met Bernard at a party, and came to know that he was selling cocaine.

“They purchased cocaine from him twice for Rs 5,000 per gram. They consumed the drug and sometimes sold it to friends at higher prices. The duo told Idrees, who studies in Deccan Engineering College, about Bernard and they planned to buy more from him to sell it,” said DCP B. Limba Reddy.

Police said Bernard had come to India on a student visa in June 2016 and started a business. After losses, he moved to Bengaluru, where he stayed with a drug peddler named Charlie.

“He learned the trade from Charlie, who then started supplying drugs to Bernard to sell them in Hyderabad. Later, God power, who used to live in Delhi came to Hyderabad and joined Bernard. They buy drugs from Charlie for Rs 3,000 a gram and sell it in Hyderabad for Rs 5,000,” the DCP said.

The duo built their customer base with the help of old customers. Once the new buyer calls the supplier and gives the password he becomes part of the chain.

“Their customers  are mostly Indians and most of them might be addicts who contact him over the phone to get supplies. They deliver drugs at Banjara Hills, Golconda, Toli chowki and other areas in Hyderabad as per demand,” said another senior official.




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