Arvind Kejriwal in Meerut: ‘People of UP should punish BJP for demonetisation’

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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who is holding rallies across the country, to protest Centre’s demonetisation move, was in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh on Thursday. He appealed that the people of Uttar Pradesh should punish the BJP in the upcoming Assembly election for the pain and inconvenience caused due to demonetisation.

Kejriwal had earlier this month accused the Prime Minister of receiving bribes while he was the Gujarat Chief Minister and sought a judicial probe into the issue. He called the demonetisation move a “flop”, and had alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “arrogance and obstinacy” has pushed the country 10 years back and that the measure has “failed” to curb black money, corruption, circulation of counterfeit currency and terror financing.

Kejriwal claimed that black money and corruption have “increased” by 10 times ever since the ban of high-value currency and demanded that cases of cheating and fraud be lodged against those responsible in the Centre for the mess.

The Delhi Chief Minister also alleged that BJP has settled its “black money” before demonetisation by buying land in Bihar and other states.

The Delhi Chief Minister also alleged that counterfeit notes are being churned out faster than the RBI, which gives rise to suspicion as to whether it is a way to convert black money into white.

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