Aligarh Muslim University professor dies after 6-hour long wait for ambulance

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Agra: An incident of medical negligence has surfaced from Agra where a 64-year-old senior Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) professor died as no ambulance could be arranged.

The professor was a cancer patient and died in the university hospital after waiting for the ambulance for over six hours. Five doctors of JNMC were booked for negligence last month after a student died of dengue during treatment at the hospital.

This becomes the second such incident that brings the establishment under the lens for medical negligence once again.

As per reports by TOI, Professor D Murthy was the chairman of AMU’s department of modern Indian languages. His doctors at Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC) had advised that the professor should be shifted to a Delhi hospital. He told this after seeing his condition deteriorated following surgery on Sunday.

As quoted by TOI, Murthy suffered from an advanced malignancy. JNMC principal Tariq Mansoor also informed that he was on ventilator, and could only be shifted to Delhi in a ventilator-equipped ambulance (which is available to AMU employees), he said. Mansoor added that there was a slight delay in completing the paper work.

Dr Mohammad Aslam, a surgeon at JNMC, admitted to procedural delays of the ambulance but also stated in his statements that Prof Murthy had not been keeping well for some time, and had ignored doctors’ advice that he get admitted to hospital.

Members of AMU’s students’ union alleged that this was just the latest among “numerous cases of serious medical negligence by JNMC authorities. Describing Murthy’s death as a blatant case of negligence, Mustafa Zaidi, secretary of AMU Teachers’ Union (AMUTA) has sought strict action against those responsible.

Pitiable conditions of hospital authorities have surfaced over the past few months from various states. These incidences came to light after a tribal man Daana Manji in Odisha had to carry his dead wife on his shoulders for nearly 16 kms as his plea for an ambulance was ignored by hospital authorities.

In another similar incident, family members was denied ambulance to carry a dead relative for post mortem in Katihar in Bihar. Three members of a family carried the body in a plastic bag to Bhagalpur for post mortem.

Another incident of apathy was reported from Rayagada district in Odisha where a man had to carry his pregnant wife on his shoulder as the ambulance failed to reach on time. It was reported that the Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) and anganwadi workers called for 108 services asking for an ambulance but even after repeated call for help, the vehicle reached after two hours.

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