Sanitation still a concern in Visakhapatnam

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Visakhapatnam: Located near the CBM Compound, the Amar Nagar Colony made a leap forward over the years from its virtual non-existence a few decades ago.

Housing both the affluent as well as the underprivileged, the residents of the colony remain charged with positive energy. The 30-year-old colony had seen very little in terms of development, compared to other areas and suffers from a slew of civic issues.

Sanitation is the biggest issue of the colony with garbage littered across the area. The decayed drainage system here also needs the attention of the authorities.

The Ekasila Apartments, which was synonymous with the Colony, stands tall as a witness of the past. With the changing dynamics of the city, many schools and colleges set their shops within the vicinity. The Vijaya Ganapathi temple and the GVMC Balyam Centre at the entrance greet the visitors warmly.

The area, which falls into the 15th ward of the city, has recently thrust into limelight in the last decade given its proximity to the core city.

Mamidi Varalu, Ward Congress president, explained how the construction of the colony was initiated in the 1980s during the regime of former Mayor of the city, Rajana Ramani.

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