Black marketing of kerosene Raids expose in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad: About 10 per cent of the 11,659 kilolitres kerosene that the state gets to distribute to 85.87 lakh families having food security cards is diverted to the black market.

The kerosene is used to adulterate petrol and diesel; for use in factories, small paint companies, small scale industries and for use by bitumen road contractors.

Under the government’s ePass system, kerosene is released after biometric authentication of the beneficiary. Using this system, the sale of kerosene has plunged in the GHMC and urban areas of Ranga Reddy district. Five years back, Hyderabad district used to draw about 3,500 kilolitres of kerosene under PDS. After implementation of e Pass, the quantity needed fell to 1,869 kilolitres in September 2015 and to 1,100 kilolitres this month.

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