JNU row over Najeeb Ahmad is Naxal ploy to infiltrate campuses with Dalit-Muslim oppression narrative

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New Delhi: As I scrolled through my Twitter notifications, a tweet blared, “#ShutDownJNU is the answer”. I don’t agree. Shutting down an institution is never an answer. It’s an escape from a problem. ‘Make it great again’ is the answer. But is it possible?

In 2012, I made a film which raised the fear of our academic institutions getting infested with ‘intellectual terrorism’. It came true in the form of the Kanhaiya Kumar episode in JNU. In a public forum, I had warned one of the most powerful leaders of India that Dalit-Muslim politics would soon cost lives, but I had no idea that it would manifest in the form of Rohit Vemula’s suicide.

Once again, student politics is in focus. JNU, once again, is enveloped by divisive student politics. A student has gone missing and vested interests are trying to encash their political currency.

JNU, in the past decade or so, has become the epicentre of sinister student politics planned and managed by the Leftist parties of India led by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist). These are the same parties which are the strategic forces behind the Naxal/Maoist movement in India which alone is responsible for the loss of over 13,000 innocent lives in India. This is more than the killing of innocent people and soldiers in the insurgent Kashmir and North East.

On 14 October, Vikrant Kumar — a student contesting for a place in the management committee of a hostel mess — went on a door-to-door campaign. His two colleagues, Ankit and Sunil, who happen to be Dalit students (caste is irrelevant but I mention it here as the caste and religion of a student is integral to JNU politics), accompanied him. Vikrant knocked on the door of a postgraduate student called Najeeb Ahmad. Najeeb noticed a saffron thread on Vikrant’s wrist (a sacred Hindu thread known as kalava) and made fun of him for wearing it. When Vikrant asked him to stop insulting his beliefs, Najeeb slapped Vikrant. Repeatedly.

In the meantime, the elected president of the student’s union JNUSU, Mohit Kumar Pandey, a Brahmin, also arrived there and threatened Vikrant — “You will pay a price”. He then turned towards Ankit, called him names, addressed him by his caste in a derogatory manner and threatened to show him his place. As things heated up, the warden of the hostel along with the security officials and other students reach the spot where Najeeb confessed to ridiculing Vikrant’s faith and slapping him, without any provocation. Minutes of the meeting were made in the presence and agreement of Najeeb, his room-mate and primary witness Quasim and the hostel president Alimuddin. Note: Quasim had earlier made a request to have his room changed, citing Najeeb’s unreasonable and aggressive behaviour.

In spite of Najeeb’s confession, the warden, who is a Dalit himself, persuaded the victims not to file a complaint under the non-bailable Dalit Atrocities Act against Najeeb, and instead asked Najeeb to vacate the hostel. He was given time until 21 October to do so. Expulsion, as understood by many, doesn’t mean withdrawal of hostel facilities, just shifting to another hostel. The very same evening, in his defense and for the records, Vikrant lodged a complaint at the Vasant Kunj police station. It seemed like the matter had been settled amicably. But the story doesn’t end here.

It’s important to note here that since 2014, Left parties are losing their political space and relevance. With increased development and a strong security presence in Naxal areas, the Naxal/Maoist movement is finding it difficult to spread its tentacles further into the jungles. Therefore, top Naxal/Maoist leaders, in tandem with CPI (M/L), have decided to spread wings to head to academic institutions with an objective to taking over cities and overthrowing the government. While they attack the state in rural areas with guns, they conspire against the government in urban areas with intellectual terrorism.

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