Donald Trump proves himself unfit for presidency every day: Barack Obama

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Las Vegas: Donald Trump proves himself unfit for presidency “every single day”, US President Barack Obama has said as he slammed the Republican leaders for going along with the rhetoric of the party’s White House nominee till recently.

For all the progress we’ve made, if we don’t work as hard as we can in these next 16 days, all that progress could be out of the window. Because competing for the job I currently hold, you’ve got a guy who proves himself unfit for this office every single day, every single way,” Obama said at an election rally in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“On the other side, you’ve got somebody who is as qualified as has ever run for the presidency — Hillary Rodham Clinton,” he said amidst applause from the audience. Obama said for years, Republican politicians and the far-right media outlets have pumped up all kinds of crazy stuff about him and about Clinton.

They said I wasn’t born here. They said climate change is a hoax. They said that I was going to take everybody’s guns away. They said that, when we were doing military exercises that we’ve been doing forever, suddenly this was a plot to impose martial law. This is what they’ve been saying for years now. So, people have been hearing it, and they start thinking, well, maybe this is true,” he told the audience.

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