Bundelkhand Parivartan Rally: Narendra Modi blames Samajwadi Party, BSP for lack of development in Uttar Pradesh

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Mahoba: With barely a few months left for the crucial assembly       elections in Uttar Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched scathing attack on ruling Samajwadi Party (SP) and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). Addressing a public rally in Mahoba, Narendra Modi help SP and BSP governments in Uttar Pradesh for the problems of the state.

Narendra Modi urged to people to come out the trap of SP and BSP to bring back the developments in the state. “This land of Uttar Pradesh is our mother, and we won’t let our mother be looted anymore,” said Narendra Modi at Bundelkhand Parivartan Rally in Mahoba.

Narendra Modi blamed the current Uttar Pradesh government led by Samajwadi Party and past regimes of BSP for the lack of development in the state. Modi compared the portion of Bundelkhand located in Madhya Pradesh with the part of the district located in Uttar Pradesh. Modi said while the area which comes under Madhya Pradesh government.

Where BJP is in power saw massive progress, the portion in Uttar Pradesh failed to see development. “Earlier I used to ask people from Bundelkhand in Gujarat if they were from UP or MP. They all used to say UP. then I stopped asking. It is because then I realised that had these people been from MP they wouldn’t have to come all the way to Gujarat for employment,” said Narendra Modi.

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