GHMC to go on demolish thousands of structures

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Hyderabad: Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation is contemplating to demolish about 80,000 structures constructed on the either sides of nala across the city.

The officials said that the corporation had decided to increase the buffer zone from two metres to 10 metres depending on the width of the nala. This would not only allow free flow of water but will also decrease the pollution levels in the nalas.According to GO 168, the buffer zone has been earmarked as nine metres on the either sides of the nala if the width of the nala was more than 10 metres and two metre buffer zone has been marked if the width is less than 10 metres.

But during the recent survey conducted by the corporation officials, it has been noticed that the residents living close to the nalas have been dumping huge quantity of plastic, garbage and others waste materials which were choking the nalas.

In view of this, the officials recommended the State government to increase the buffer zone from two metres to 10 metres based on the width of the nalas.

A senior GHMC official told The Hans India that that the nala encroachments were only one side of the story but the residents living close to them were hindering the free flow of rainwater.  He said that in some areas residents and commercial establishments have been polluting them by dumping solid waste, animal remains etc.

“It is now responsibility of the corporation and the State government to save nalas by removing encroachments and decrease the pollution by taking harsh decisions,” he said.GHMC officials further said that special teams have been formed which would take up the demolition of 80,000 structures across various nalas. The GHMC was also initiating necessary legal measures to see that the pending court cases were disposed off at the earliest.

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