After Hafiz Saeed’s comments, US warns Pakistan: Go after Mumbai attackers, shut terror shops

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New Delhi: A day after terror mastermind Hafiz Saeed said that the US is Pakistan’s real enemy, the US has warned Pakistan to shut terror shops and go after the perpetrators of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

Saeed, the man who plotted the attacks, had mocked the US for not being able to catch him despite announcing a bounty on his head.

The US surely didn’t take his comments lightly and has now asked Pakistan to go after the Mumbai attackers (read Saeed).

In a stern message to Pakistan, the US said that the country must stop giving access to terrorists. India, at the United Nations address, had recently called Pakistan the “Ivy League of Terror”.

Declared a wanted man by both India and the United States, Saeed had spewed venom against India and the US, but reserved his most bitter remarks for Uncle Sam.

Taking a dig at the US for declaring a bounty on his head, Saeed had said “There is a bounty worth crores on me but in the last five years US could not achieve anything out of it”.

Accusing the US of doing India’s bidding on putting pressure on Pakistan to not build nuclear arsenals, Saeed had said, “The US is after us to reduce the size of our army, to reduce our nuclear arsenal. They are doing this at our enemy’s behest”.

Inciting people to fight for Kashmir, he said, “All parties should come together for Kashmir’s freedom. India cannot do anything. Don’t remember the US but remember Allah,” the terror mastermind said.

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