Allahabad: VHP official caught harassing woman dressed in a burqa, thrashed

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New Delhi: It was a huge gathering ahead of Moharram in Allahabad when a woman complained of harassment by a burqa-clad woman sitting next to her.

The women sitting next to her asked the burqa-clad woman to take off the veil but she refused. Finally, some women forcefully removed her veil. They were shocked to find a man behind the veil.

The person behind the veil was Abhishek Yadav, said to be an office-bearer of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). Yadav was thrashed by the people at the gathering before being handed over to the police.


The incident occurred at a milaad programme organised near Imambara in the Mani Umarpur village on Saturday. According to some reports, the male and female attendees were sitting separately. Scholars and clerics from the community were delivering lectures when Yadav was caught by the women.

Some people present at the programme immediately recognised him and thrashed him while his accomplice, also in a burqa, managed to flee. Some elderly people asked the crowd to exercise restraint and rescued Yadav.

Village head Imtiaz ud Din called the police. Yadav was admitted to Beli (Tej Bahadur Sapru) hospital where his condition is said to be stable.

The police on Sunday lodged an FIR against Yadav and his accomplice for eve-teasing and creating disturbance in a religious assembly. Yadav too has lodged a counter FIR against seven persons for beating him up.

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