Kapil Sibal slams Amit Shah’s response, says BJP ‘gave birth to Jaish-e-Mohammed’

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After BJP president Amit Shah’s rebuttal to Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, Kapil Sibal has now fired off round two of the political salvo between the two parties.

“People who are named in murder cases will tell us that our roots are tainted. I didn’t expect the BJP to stoop so low that its leadership will have to point fingers at those who gave independence.

Convicted people are giving lectures; the government has no experience making statement,” Sibal said.

He also exhorted Prime Minister Narendra Modi to speak out and advise Shah that indulging in political bickering is harmful for democracy.

On the issue of the BJP claiming that the Army crossed the LoC for the first time on 29 September, when it carried out surgical strikes, Sibal asked, “Who crossed the LoC in 1965, 71 and 1999? Did Modi,Amit Shah or Parrikar cross the LoC? Does the Indian history start from 2014?”

He also reprimanded the BJP for forgetting all these dates in Indian history and accused the BJP of exploiting the Indian Army’s strikes. “We didn’t politicise Kargil,” he said.

The former UPA minister then said that if the BJP was so concerned about the army, then why did they lower the combat pension? “Is this how you are standing with them, by not making OROP happen is that how you show your support?” he asked.

Sibal also insisted that the BJP apologise to the army saying that the party had insulted it.

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