When firebrand leader exposed KCR, Naidu and Jagan?

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AP CM Chandrababu Naidu and Telangana CM KCR attract people with their own unique style of functioning. While KCR is aggressive in his approach, Chandrababu is diplomatic in his functioning. However what both do is they play with the sentiments of the people.

This is noticed when it came to sharing of river water,electricity etc after the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. Now former Congress Minister DK.Aruna speaking to scribes chose to expose both KCR and Chandra Babu. It is known that Aruna is one of the few firebrand leaders from female politicians.

She will not go back once she takes a stand on any issue. It is known that she played key role in the formation of Gadwal as a new district.

Not only opposition, but also ruling TRS leaders vouch in private that CM KCR was not keen to have Gadwal as another district. Under these circumstances Aruna achieved the near impossible by taming the aggressive KCR.

Later speaking to scribes she exposed both CM KCR and CM Chandra Babu. She said both of them are maintaining good relations secretly but outside playing with sentiments of people stoking passions. She added sentiment is playing key role either in phone tapping or in note for vote cases.

She added that after YSR’s tragic death, everyone planned to make his son Jagan as CM and they asked him to remain patient for some time. She said however untoward incidents happened .

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