UK entering ‘unchartered territory’ of Islamophobia after Brexit vote

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British Muslims are suffering an “explosion” in faith-based hatred with many women now afraid to conduct their daily lives, according to a new report which also warns of heightened racism following the vote on Brexit.

The annual survey by the anti-Muslim hate monitoring group Tell MAMA found a 326 per cent rise in incidents last year, while the Muslim Council of Britain group of mosques said it had compiled a dossier of 100 hate crimes over the weekend alone.

Political leaders including David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn both voiced concern in the Commons on Monday, while Labour grandee Harriet Harman said many now seemed to believe it was “open season” for racists.

Poles and other minority groups have suffered several verbal attacks throughout the country in recent days, and the National Police Chiefs’ Council said it had detected a 57 per cent rise in reports to a police online hate crime reporting site between Thursday and Sunday compared to the corresponding days four weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Dr Shuja Shafi, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: “As the results of the referendum became known, I called for our politicians to come together and heal the divisions that have emerged as a result of the campaign. Now we are witnessing the shocking extent of this with reports around the country of hate speech and minorities being targeted.

“Our country is experiencing a political crisis which, I fear threatens the social peace.”

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