Ahmedabad Class 12 student checks his own economics paper, gives 100/100

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Ahmedabad: A class 12 student in Ahmedabad wrote his economics examination and later checked his paper with red-ink. And guess what? He gave himself full marks as he found all his answers right.

Harshad Sarvaiya appeared in the the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) class 12 examination.
He checked his own answer paper with red ink, gave himself 100/100 and then submitted it to the supervisor. He checked his answer sheets in geography and economics.

The alert examiner caught the irregularity done by Harshad in geography paper and he got just 34 marks in the subject. However, he got full marks in economics as the teachers failed to spot the the glaring error.

Major discrepancies in his result were found by Gujarat Board’s computer software as he got full marks in economics but scored poorly in other subjects – Gujarati (13), English (12), Sanskrit (4), sociology (20), psychology (5) and geography (35).A copying case has been filed against Harshad by the Gujarat Board. This piece of news proves that this can happen not only in Bihar but also in Ahmedabad.

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